OSEAN: BIN@ Associate Partner

Welcome on board, OSEAN University of Madeira

  • Founded on May 19, 2022, OSEAN — Outermost Regions Sustainable Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, is a research and technological development unit, assigned to the University of Madeira, co-financed by EIT — European Institute of Innovation and Technology.
  • OSEAN, as an interdisciplinary research unit, acts in the following areas: green and blue economy; eco-entrepreneurship; green accounting and sustainable finance; digital innovation; sustainability; and social inclusion.
  • OSEAN’s mission is to research, develop, apply, and disseminate practices in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, in the European Outermost Regions (ORs), and in the world, based on the most advanced interdisciplinary knowledge, ultimately contributing to a more developed society — socially, economically, and environmentally.
  • With regard to its involvement in different projects and undertakings, the highlight should definitely be given to the creation of the Postgraduate Degree in Green and Digital Innovation at the University of Madeira and the partnership with the Journal of Entrepreneurial Researchers.
  • More information: https://osean.uma.pt/

We at BIN@ — Business & Innovation Network are certainly content over the accession of this new associate partner to our network from the Portuguese OR (the Autonomous Region of Madeira) and can’t wait for the joint open innovation activities to come.

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